Doogie will join Michael Schenker on his "Temple Of Rock" Tour:


"Michael Schenker will be touring “Temple Of Rock” with different line ups all around the world.


He will feature each of the three singers from the brand new “Temple Of Rock” album: Michael Voss, Robin McAuley and Doogie White. 


The “Temple Of Rock World Tour” will start in the United States in February/March 2012 featuring Robin McAuley, Elliott “Dean” Rubinson, Wayne Findlay and Pete Holmes. 


In April/May 2012 the “Temple Of Rock” line up toured Europe featuring Doogie White, Herman Rarebell, Francis Buchholz and Wayne Findlay.  Michael is planning to eventually take each line up to all continents. 


The new line-up proved so successful that a world tour starts in March 2013. Check out Doogie's Facebook page for more details on the tour and other news re his collaboration with Michael Schenker.


Doogie White - vocalist with Michael Schenker



War Machine - Tank with Doogie White


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