Doogie White released his first solo album through Metal Mind Records in October 2011. Available on Amazon.


The album called “As Yet Untitled”, is a collection of 10 dramatic and hard hitting rock songs co- written by White and some good friends he has made over his years in rock music.


Doogie says, “I always thought my first solo album should be called this. The journalists at Sounds and Kerrang always had a line that so and so are in the studio recording an album, as yet untitled… Well now I have actually done that.”


“I always like to be part of a band but I found myself isolated for a short while and decided to record some of the songs that I had been working on, while either on the road or back at home. I won’t sit around and wait for the phone to ring. A bored Doogie is a dangerous thing!”


"I gathered the good and the great, companions who had travelled the world with me at various times. Friends who I knew were outstanding players and to a man and one beautiful woman they gave freely of their talents and time. I am forever in their debt.”


The album was recorded in various studios in Florida, Germany, Scotland but most of the production was done in Sweden with Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall) at the helm. “Pontus and I became great friends through our time with Yngwie. He shone a bright light on the songs with his production. He brought a certain calmness to the madness and made sure that everything that was in the song had to be there for a reason. Even when the hard drive with the initial mixes was stolen, I knew that Pontus could sort it out.”


“ I wanted to reflect the music that is closest to my heart but also throw some caution to the wind and take a few chances. But you can’t step too far out of the box and why would I want to? Heavy rock music is in my makeup, always has been and always will be.”


“The opening song “Come Taste the Band” was written when Ritchie asked to hear something freshly recorded before I auditioned for Rainbow. It was written and recorded in a day with Alex Dickson in the style of MK4 Deep Purple.(The one Ritchie was not in). I borrowed the title of their album, I wanted to see what he would say. He thought it a very good song, but that I was a cheeky Scotsman for doing such a thing. On the album Tony Carey plays the intro and keys and Patti Russo sings the second lead vocal. The Glenn part if you will!”


“Secret Jesus” is a curve ball and was written just after my time with Ritchie and it deliberately had no guitar solo. However on the album, Phil Hilborne throws in a stunning one in a place where I did not think it possible.” “Paul Logue and I wrote “Living on the Cheap in Style” I had been reading about David Niven and Errol Flynn living it up in 1940’s Havanna and thought that’s kinda the illusion of what a rock n roll lifestyle is like. You’re flying all over the world staying in the best hotels, limos, sold out shows…sure some of that may be true but when you come home you still have to put out the recycling, walk the dog and tend the garden. Now that my friend is RAWK N ROLL!”


“ Time Machine” was again written by Paul Logue and myself. I was having my Dr Who moment. If you could go back what would you change? I try not to have dirt on the back of my shoes or dwell on the past, but I guess we all have moments when we think “What if?” Bridges get burned some get rebuilt and some just get carried by the river to the sea and float away never to be seen again. But if you could relive that moment, that secret special moment, just for one day, how magical it might be?”


“Times Like These” was the last song written for the album and started my journey down the road with Mick Tucker and TANK.


I’m glad that the album “As Yet Untitled” is getting released. I held onto it as I was very busy with writing the TANK album “War Machine” amongst other commitments. There was no point in competing with myself. The time is right, right now and next year, I’ll get a bunch of hairy and not so hairy rawkers and take this on the road and we will have fun and come home and be told to put the trash out!”







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