As well as the more well known aspects of his career, Doogie also does a lot of session work and guests on various albums just for fun.

Doogie White - Rock Vocalist


Doogie guests or co-writes with a lot of musicians and bands on their albums. Here is a small selection of his work to date.


Eden's Curse Liesgang White Praying Mantis


Nostradamus Gary Hughes



Last word to Doogie:


"I'm a professional musician an I get asked to do lots of stuff. It keeps me interested and involved and makes sure that the old vocal chords don't get stale. Some of the tribute type things that I have done have gotten me some flak from the purists out there but hey, a man's gotta work and I am still happy that I did them. When you have to hit the notes and range of another vocalist it stretches you and that can only be a good thing for your experience and ability. The same with session work - you get to do things you'd never do ordinarily. For example, I'm totally proud of being the voice of Action Man in the TV commercials for years! I am the hero of every little boy out there for that can't make this stuff up!"


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