Doogie White - vocalist with Empire


Empire are a band of very seasoned and professional musicians comprising Rolf Munkes – guitars, Doogie White – vocals, Neil Murray – bass and Mike Terrana - drums. So far Doogie has recorded one album with the band - the highly acclaimed "Chasing Shadows."


Empiure - Chasing Shadows


Last word to Doogie:


"My neighbour and friend Neil Murray (International RAWK personality and bass legend) asked me if I would like to tour with Empire. However prior commitments meant this would not be possible. It was then suggested that I write a new Empire album (Chasing Shadows) with guitar player Rolf Munkes. The line up was stellar with Neil on Bass, Munkes on guitar and keys and the formidable mighty troll Mike Terrana on drums. Munkes and I set about getting 12 songs together. 12 of the best songs I have ever been involved in. I love the album and was disappointed that it did not do better because we did not get to tour it. The songs were really built for the live arena. I do a couple when I do solo shows. Munkes and I have talked about doing another album but we need better commitment and promotion from the business end or whats the point."







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