Monday 23rd March 2009

" Hi All,


The quick turn around from the gigs Finland to recording with Walter Giardino/Rata Blanca on the FORGOTTEN KINGDOM album in Argentina was made more interesting by my trying to figure out the new washing machine before I left. It's the simple things my friends.


Anyway the flight on the airline of choice was made so much more pleasant after a good friend had a "word" and I was upgraded to business class which really is the only way to fly if someone else is paying. It was a long and cheery flight and I caught up on some reading and enjoyed the excellent service....


Arriving early at Buenos Aires airport some 17 hours later, brought back many happy memories from days gone by and I made my way to my apartment in town.

Walter was there to meet me and after a quick "S.S.S" we made our way to La Nave de Oseberg studios to start work.


We are now 5 days in and we have 7 songs completed. Today was supposed to be a day of rest but as you know there really is no rest for the wicked so here I am again. The studio is at boiling point as we cant put on any airconditioning as the mics pick up the noise so I am standing in 90o sweating and screaming. We are having a ball. The album is really taking shape. Its been a long time since I had this much fun recording away from London.


I am hanging on for an extra day in Argentina to catch up with the Mighty Maiden at the Quilmas Stadium as they continue to conquer the world of RAWK...All good things and all that.


More when I have more.




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