Stand and Fight


We kicked around a lot of ideas during the get to know you sessions at Tahigwa in Cold Spring NY. Greg joined us after Ritchie took a dislike to Rob the other bass player. We played football every day, sometimes with local kids and sometimes with the over 40s, full on 11 aside. I amassed mountains of c90 cassettes full of jams sometimes 2 or 3 tapes a day and at night after dinner with a glass of wine I would happily sit in my room and go through my notes and the tapes and make a “best of the day” tape. Of course the next day the previous sessions were forgotten and a new set of ideas would evolve. Silence and Wolf to the Moon came from these days in autumn 94 in the tumble down mansion that was Tahigwa. As did what became Black Masquerade and Stand and Fight. There were a great deal of cool ideas that we came up with at Tahigwa but each day was a new day and many of these ideas will never be remembered nor heard.


We recorded Stand and Fight 2x at Tahigwa using the soon to be gone bass players 8 track reel to reel that only had 7 tracks working. I think that sealed his fate really. Well that and the need to pop out for a cigarette. Paul played Hammond on the original versions.

I was reprimanded by Ritchie for “doing a Glenn” on the demos. “He was my favourite singer to work with but that’s too close to his phrasing” said the boss.

I knew what he meant but the melody naturally gravitated to that kind of phrasing. There are only little signs of this on the album version. We rehearsed this song for inclusion in the live set but it only made the first gig in Helsinki and is to be found loitering in the bargain bin of Rainbow songs.


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