Doogie cleared to fly - gigs back on!

Doogie has been given the all clear to fly by Mr Lewis the surgeon who is looking after him and the busted Achilles Tendon.


Although he will need to be in a leg brace for 3 months. So after 7 weeks on the bench Doogie is ready to play. The 2 shows with German Rawkers DEMONS EYE will go ahead as planned.


Details below :

Friday 27th Nov. - Unna - Lindenbrauerei Saturday 28th Nov. - Isernhagen (near Hannover) - Blues Garage Further info:


“ The last time I played with these guys was covering for Glenn Hughes who was ill at the time and we really had a blast. So it will be magic to get out of the house after 7 weeks and play great music with a great band. I now have a leg brace on but I have permission to fly and this will be a rawkin evening or 2 see ya there.. Spread the word...please”


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